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Physie is a competitive sport, and our club encourages its members to challenge themselves by entering one, some or all the annual competitions. However, competing is not mandatory, although we strongly believe that everyone will have such a fun and fantastic time entering a competition! It allows girls to stand tall with strength, pride, confidence and self-assurance when they receive their medal whilst having fun and making new friends.

In competitions, girls compete either as an individual or in a team of 8 girls. Much like in class, they line up on the floor to perform the routines. The audience usually sits behind and to the sides of the girls and two judges sit on a stage in front of the girls. 

What are Physie Competitions?


What age group is my daughter in?

In junior age categories (pre-schoolers to 15 years), competition status is determined by a girl's age on the 31st of August of that year. For example, if you turn 7 on the 31st of August you are classed as a 7 year. If you turn 7 on the 1st of September, you are classed as a 6 year. Ladies and seniors progress through each category based on their participation in competitions.

Interclub competitions


Individual Physie clubs hold competitions to meet and mix with other clubs. These competitions are very relaxed and friendly and held in July/August. Competitors compete individually along with around 10-15 other girls on the floor at the same time. Interclub Competitions are practice competitions to get girls ready for Champion Girl/Lady (which is held at the end of the year). An official BJP leotard must be worn, and all grooming rules are the same as for Champion Girl/Lady.

Annual Club competition

This is a competition just for our club members, held at the end of the physie year. It is run like all other competitions with judges and all girls receive a medal and certificate for performing the syllabus.


Zone competitions

Across Australia, BJP Physie is divided into zones. Our club is in the Northern Sydney Zone. Annual competitions are held in September/October called Champion Girl or Champion Lady. The top five girls in each age category from 6 years up qualify to compete in a National Competition in November. There is a Repechage competition for girls 6-14 years who reach the Zone Final but do not place. The top 5 girls in each age category at Repechage qualify for the Junior National Finals.

Teams competitions

Teams are made up of 8 girls. They perform the SAME routine as they are taught in class for the other competitions. If students are selected to represent our club in a team, a black BJP Team Leotard will be supplied. Team Competition is held at the Quay Centre around November. If your child is selected to represent our club at the team competitions, there may be some extra team practices closer to the competition. We will try to accommodate your requests and give you plenty of notice for these class times.


Grooming rules for competitions


  • No teasing of hair, high or wide styles, false hair pieces or colour-tinting of hair is allowed.

  • Hair may be curled if preferred and must be neatly groomed, may be worn loose, tied in bunches, ponytail, or half up/half down.

  • No hair accessories are allowed in individual competitions other than a single PLAIN ribbon (no wider than 2.5 cm)

  • The single ribbon may be used to tie a bow or as a plain headband to keep hair back.

  • No tan of any description, face or body glitter is allowed.

  • No eye make-up is allowed (13-14 yr old’s ONLY may wear a minimal amount of mascara and eyeliner).

  • No false nails or nail polish is allowed. This includes acrylic, stick-on, gel coatings or any other kind.

  • No jewellery is allowed (except for tiny plain ear studs which are unable to be removed).

  • Skin-coloured mesh or plain tights are allowed for all competitors.

  • A minimal amount of foundation, lipstick and blush may be worn.

Seniors and Ladies

  • No hair accessories are allowed to be worn in individual competitions.

  • No jewellery is allowed except for wedding/engagement rings and small stud earrings (either gold, silver or gems).

  • “Foot thongs” are permitted to be worn in all competitions for Ladies and Seniors 15 yrs & upward.

  • Only competitors who comply with the dress code may perform.


Competition leotards and activewear

If you would like to compete in any competition you will need to purchase a BJP leotard or activewear. The leotards and activewear are made to order for you from a series of styles, sizes and colour options. Ordering is available via website, phone, email or in person. Our club has a range of pre-loved leotards that you can buy if you do not wish to purchase a new one. The club will provide your child with a team leotard at a minimal cost if they are selected to participate in team competitions.

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