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BJP Competition Results

2022 Results

Junior Champion Girl

7s - Izzy O: 5th place

8s - Ava K: 4th place

Senior Champion Girl

2nd yr - Jessica E: Finalist

Champion Lady

Int -            Jane N:        1st place

                   Caroline M:  2nd place

                   Tanya K:       Finalist

Over 33s - Jemma O:    Finalist

                   Lauren B:     Finalist


Ladies Nationals

Int - Jane N: Finalist


2019 Results

Junior Champion Girl

6s -   Dionne P:   Finalist

9s -   Kora C:       Finalist

13s - Sierra C:    Finalist

Junior Repechage 

6s -   Dionne P:   Semi-finalist

9s -   Kora C:       Semi-finalist

13s - Sierra C:    Semi-finalist

Senior Champion Girl

15s -      Eloise B:   Semi-finalist

               Monet C:   Semi-finalist

2nd yr - Emilie R:   Semi-finalist

Champion Lady

Novice -     Caroline M:  5th place

                   Jane N:         Finalist

Over 33s - Jemma O:    5th place


15-1st yrs:  4th place



2020 Results

Junior Champion Girl

5s - Izzy O:   3rd place

       Abby T:  Finalist

6s - Ava K:   4th place

Junior State 

6s - Ava K:  Finalist

Senior Champion Girl State

1st yr -  Eloise B:  Finalist

2nd yr - Olivia H:  Semi-finalist

               Jen W:    Semi-finalist

Champion Lady

Novice -     Caroline M: 1st place

                   Jane N:        2nd place

                   Tanya K:      Finalist

Over 33s - Hayley K:     3rd place

                   Jemma O:   6th place

Ladies State

Novice - Caroline M:  Finalist

               Jane N:         Finalist


2021 Results

Junior Champion Girl

6s - Izzy O:  4th place

7s - Ava K:   4th place

Junior Nationals

7s - Ava K:   Semi-finalist


Senior Champion Girl

2nd yr - Eloise B: Semi-finalist

Champion Lady

Novice -     Tanya K:      Finalist

Int -            Caroline M: 2nd place

                   Jane N:       4th place

Over 33s - Lauren B:   2nd place

                   Jemma O:   Finalist

Ladies Nationals

Int -  Jane N:        Finalist

         Caroline M:  Finalist

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